Monday, March 19, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar Century of Centuries

The historical moment in cricket world of a century of centuries was achieved at Sher-e-Bangla Nationwide Cricket Stadium in the ODI as Sachin Tendulkar took 1 by cutting Shakib al Hassan to square leg, leading to parties not only in his town Mumbai, but also across India and other areas of the cricket community eventually left mesmerized by the fashionable batsman all these centuries with his picture-perfect immediately pushes, power-packed hokes over the rectangle and a huge energy supply of other stylish cricketing cerebral cricketing strokes.

Bowlers Have to Be Blamed For The Match Loss, But Please dont dis respect Sachin Tendulkar

Test Match Details of Sachin :
No. of Centuries = 51
Centuries in Games India won = 23
Centuries in Games India lost = 8
Centuries in Games India Draw = 20

One Day Match Details of Sachin:
No, of Centuries = 49
Centuries in Games India won = 33
Centuries in Games India lost = 14
No result Games = 2
33 of 46 centuries in ODI

Total Test Matches + Total One Day ODI =  51+49 = 100 where he scored 100
Total Matches won -> 53
Total matches Lost -> 26
Total Draws -> 20
N/R -> 1

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