Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Gudi Padwa 2012

Gudi Padwa is the Hindu New Year for Maharashtra(Marathi), Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is called as Ugadi. In Ahmadabad this festival is called as Cheti Chand. As per Marathi calender, on the first day of Chaitra maas, Gudi Padwa comes and famous as new season of marathi Manus(people). Celebration of the Marathi festival Gudi Padwa starts from the morning itself. All marathi People used to begin their day with oil-bath and pray to god. One of important thing to do in Gudi Padwa is Eating neem leaves. 

The day of Gudi Padwa is an excellent one because of different factors, the first one being more of a cientific one. It was considered by historical sages that on this particular day during the beginning dawn, the beautiful attention originating from the sun is consumed the most. The Tej Tatva or the innovative flame concept also hails from the sun god. The Gudi, which is a fresh bamboo sprouts bedding personnel ornamented with a yellow color cloth, a garland of red blossoms and an copper pot on the top, is actually a individual version of the Sushumna Nadi which types the platform of the individual chest. This keep should be hoisted on a fresh floor and should be a little bit straight. While increasing this Gudi, the stability of Shiva and Shakti should be invoked.

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