Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dirty Picture Set to Release Tomorrow

The sexy and sensuous indian actress Vidya Balan is all set to arrive with a rather controversial flick and this time she has Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tushar Kapoor and others. The music is by the duo of Vishal-Shekarso and the songs of movie are already being good hit, whether is is Ooh La La (Artist(s): Bappi Lahiri, Shreya Ghoshal Lyricist: Rajat Arora) or Ishq Sufiyana, my favorite (Artist(s): Kamal Khan Lyricist: Rajat Arora), both the songs are rocking and too good.

If your movie's promotional strategy bang on, your movie can work like wonders! Even the star cast can become secondary. As we know the Last week release, Desi Boyz, boasted of A-listers but buzz for the film wasn’t high. And on the contrary, tomorrow’s mega release The Dirty Picture has created loads of excitement amongst moviegoers and this is really a great awaitig movie of year 2011 within bollywood industry. The Reason of which is very simple, the film got itself right on all the three aforementioned fronts! Based on the life of a sexy silk of the 80s, The Dirty Picture’s music is terrific and has been very well promoted. No wonder that its release is so keenly anticipated!

Most of the indian films are generate excitement because of their male lead hero in the movie. However, that is not the case with The Dirty Picture. ITs totally different movie, hope you will enjoy the movie. It is the female lead, Vidya Balan, and her sizzling quotient because of which the film seems piping hot, and Vidya is looking really sensuous in the movie From the promos, it seems that she has overshadowed all the male leads available in movie – Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi (who also has a great pull), and Tushar Kapoor. We can say that the main character in the The Dirty Picture is a movie which revolves around Vidya, others are supporing characters, anyway the movie is for sure a massive hit, deseparately waiting for tomorrow, 2 nd Dec. 2011.

Watch Full Theoretical Trailer Here...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why Sharad Pawar Got Slapped by Sardar..???

Sharad Pawar slapped by a young Sardar in New Delhi. The Agriculture minister of India, Sharad Pawar was yesterday slapped by a youth, a young Sardar at a public function in New Dehli claiming he was angry with the corruption in india and instant price rise.

Sharad Pawar, who went to a literary function at a public auditorium on Parliament Street in New Delhi, was slapped by a young Sardar(Name : Harvinder Singh), who is a transporter in his thirties who had assaulted former Telecom Minister Sukhram outside Rohini Court on Saturday after he was sentenced in a corruption case.

Sharad Pawar has lost his balance but remained safe after the assault and moved towards the exit of the auditorium and got into his car which is waiting out side.

Sardar Stated: “I came planned to the event to slap the minister,” Singh told reporters who had gone to cover the literary function.

Sardar said all of them are corrupt,” he shouted when he was removed from available security persons and policemen. Wielding a small kirpan, the youth said things could have been worse but for the observance of martyrdom day of Guru Tegh Bahadur today, they didn't react much on the issue.

Below is the sharad pawar slapped video : -

Monday, November 21, 2011

Proposed Lokpal 'empty tin box with no powers': Team Anna

NEW DELHI: Accusing the government of reducing the proposed Lokpal to an "empty tin box with no powers", Team Anna on Monday said they were surprised at the move to exclude Citizen's Charter and lower bureaucracy from the ambit of the ombudsman, contrary to a Parliament resolution.

"The government proposes to remove CBI, judiciary, citizen charter, whistle blower protection, Group C and Group D employees and CBI from Lokpal jurisdiction. Wouldn't that reduce Lokpal to an empty tin box with no powers and functions?" a Team Anna statement said.

The statement said Anna Hazare suspended his fast in August on the basis of a resolution passed by Parliament which was termed as 'Sense of House' by some people but was referred to as a 'resolution' by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his letter to the Gandhian.

"This resolution clearly stated that three issues would be addressed through the Lokpal Bill namely Lokayuktas in states would be created through the same bill and lower bureaucracy and citizens charter would be included in the Lokpal Bill.

"However we are surprised that contrary to that resolution, the government proposes to exclude citizen charter and lower bureaucracy from Lokpal's jurisdiction and bring a weak and ineffective bill to deal with citizens grievances," it said noting that the reports filtering out of Standing Committee discussions were a cause of concern.

Demanding inclusion of Group C and D employees under the ambit of Lokpal, Team Anna said they strongly oppose the move to exclude the lower bureaucracy.

"Would this mean that they could indulge in corruption and they would not be investigated by any agency? Aren't we giving them a license to indulge in corruption? A common man has to deal with Group C and Group D employees on a daily basis. Lakhs of people who participated in this anti-corruption movement wanted a solution to this day to day corruption," they said.

On the issue of keeping CBI out of Lokpal's control, Team Anna said the Standing Committee proposal on the agency would reduce Lokpal to merely a post office - receive complaints, forward it to CBI, receive CBI's report and present it before the court.

They also demanded that criminal investigation of judges, which has been left out of Judicial Accountability Bill, should now be included in the Lokpal Bill.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anna Warns Prithviraj Chavan on the Lavasa issue.

Anti-corruption activist and our favorite Shri Anna Hazare has write a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, accusing him of safeguarding the interests of Lavasa Corporation.

Hazare mentioned many things in the letter, it status that We are not happy to say that with irregularities on such large scale violation of laws and rules, you are not only failed to conduct an inquiry but on the contrary are trying to safeguard the interests of the said company, which is very serious thing.

You recently said that you have specifically recommended that now that a criminal case has been filed against Lavasa Corporation, there was no issue in giving a green signal to the first phase of construction to Lavasa. Your statement is totally illegal.

As  Prithviraj Chavan, chief minister of this state, it's your duty to conduct a thorough inquiry and punish the wrongdoers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Panel's Report on Jan Lokpal to come this Dec.

Our Respective Parliamentary Committee considering the Lokpal Bill has completed the public hearing and they will submit their disscusion in the report in early December, panel chairman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said on Sunday.

Main Pointing out that the proceedings of the panel is very secret, he said that there may be disagreement with Team Anna on various issue, but he's not mention any one. However, the Committee will not hesitate to go differently from the official draft if it finds that on some issues the reason and logic given by Team Anna is compelling. He said that the Committee has an open mind and it wants to bring a pragmatic legislation.

As we all know Team Anna’s demand that the Bill be passed in the Winter Session of Parliament, Singhvi said that the work of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice, Personnel and Public Grievance is on track and it will be unfair to suggest timelines and deadlines.

The Committee was given 3 valuable months time of which it lost about one month as the term of the earlier panel expired and reconstitution took time, whic is again a important thing. Since all the political parties had expressed their views on the Jan Lokpal issue while passing the “sense of the House” resolution in Parliament, the Committee had not called any politicians before it. Team Anna appeared 3 times before the panel and demanded that the Centre should bring a Lokpal on the lines of the Lokayukta Act of Uttarakhand which has incorporated most of the provisions of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ra.One collects Rs.170 crore at worldwide Box Office

Shahrukh Khan's science fiction flick Ra.One has turned out to be a big winner at the worldwide Box Office in the opening weekend. The movie, which has been made with Rs. 150 crores, has recovered its costs by grossing Rs.170 crore at the global collection centres in the five days weekend.

According to a press statement released by Eros International Media Ltd, the film Ra.One has smashed all the records in both Indian as well as overseas Box Office. It has set its own new history in the collection centres. The superhero movie has earned Rs. 137.25 crore (net collection Rs. 96 crore) in India and Rs. 32.75 crore overseas.

Shahrukh Khan is all thrilled by the performance of the movie Ra.One. On his Twitter page, SRK wrote, "Ga Ga ooh la la...Ra Ra Ra.One. Thrilled with response. Congratulations to my business partners." The Badshah of Bollywood retweeted, "As always, my heart doesn't crunch numbers and heroes don't count zeros...but it's nice to know how 'Ra.One' is flying."

However, Ra.One was released in more than 4000 screens across the globe, which is the highest number of theatres for an Indian movie. The movie has earlier earned Rs.37 crore from its satellite rights, Rs.8 crore from its music rights and Rs.10 crore from its ancillary rights before its release.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sehwag Demands To Sachin

With India on a constant track of test defeat after the world cup ceremony was something which was not less than a heart break for all the Indian cricket fans. After losing to England in England, India's reputation was affected considerably causing it to loss its state from no.1 positioning team to no.3 positioning team.

However India this time have a chance to clear the road for the no.1 position.India will be playing its first test match in Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi on 6th November 2011{Sunday} with West Indies. Also India is at its advantageous state, cause Delhi is a well known batting pitch and currently almost all our batsmen are fit for the fight.

However before the fight our beloved Shewag is on a demand term, no its not from the God, but its from none other than our own "Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar". Shewag wants a century gift from Sachin in the stedium of Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. Currently Sachin is on ninty-nine(99) and after hitting a century ,he will be the first man in the history of cricket to complete the Century of Centuries.

But its not from Shewag all alone its a demand from almost all the Indian cricket fans, we wish to see Sachin acheiving this 100th century and make a world record, making India proud.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Anna Hazare Likely to open up Today....Hopefully.

Anna with ends of his 'maun vrat'  today at morning and he break when he came to Delhi on his speech. Befor Delhi, He was in his village Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra. and Currently he is in Delhi.

In India there are very few social activists got the attention of Indians across the globe as Anna Hazare did during his "fast untill death" over the issue of the Jan Lokpal Bill in New Delhi in April 2011. Hazare, a Gandhian by belief, outlook and practice, has become the face of India's fight against corruption.

During his fast over the Lokpal Bill, he faced many problems but he didn't gave up, and was continued with his war. Hazare, a Simple traditional Indian by looks and mannerism, managed to inspire and mobilize the support of even the ultra-modern Indians - Indians for whom the word "social" only means having a profile on social networking sites.

We can Described The "Anna Hazare fast" as the first real "Social Networking Movement" in India. Hazare, a former cum Army man cum a Social server, began his social activism from Ralegan Siddhi, a village in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, where he successfully led a movement against alcoholism and made Ralegan Siddhi a "model village". Hazare's campaign was instrumental in the implementation of the Right to Information Act in Maharashtra, which is considered one of the best RTI Acts in India. A Ramon Magsaysay award winner, Anna Hazare, like his idol, Mahatma Gandhi, has triggered a debate over the use of fast as a means of protest in India. By sheer commitment and simplicity, he has demonstrated that Gandhian principles are relevant even in the 21st-century India.

Now He is Delhi and Hopefully he end vow of silence and remaining work of Jan Lokpal Bill. I with Anna Hazare....

मी अन्ना हजारे!!!
मैं अन्ना हूँ!!!